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8 YouTube Animation Channels You Need To Watch Now!

If you’re like me and have absolutely no talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing, then you might also be extremely fascinated by the ones who have an amazingly creative hand. I just really find joy in watching others create something awesome just with a pencil and a piece of paper.

But what I like watching the most is animators, and more specific: YouTube animation channels. There are so many channels out there that feature the comedic animations of one individual and I would just love to share my favorites with you in this list I created for you guys. So, here you go, here are 8 YouTube animation channels you definitely should check out right away!

Just one more quick note: This list isn’t in any particular order, I just listed my 8 favorite animation channels without thinking of ranking them as well. So, being the #8 in this list doesn’t mean that they’re the worst animator out of all 8 – just so you guys know.

#1 JaidenAnimations

JaidenAnimations may have only been around since February 2014, but she managed to gain 2.6 million fans on YouTube alone! And the best part about her is that she may only be 20 years old, but she inspires so many people and has become not only an amazing and funny storyteller, but a role model to all of her subscribers. If you haven’t watched any of her videos yet, why not start with her most popular one theodd1sout and I Complain About Arizona with stunning 9.2 million views:

#2 Domics

This guy definitely has some funny, entertaining as also quite educating videos on his channel. Domics is famous for talking about his love life and his opinions on relationships. And I don’t know about you guys, but his videos helped me quite a bit back then, letting me know that I wasn’t the only heartbroken soul in this world and that stuff like that is totally normal and maybe even quite funny. But Dominic doesn’t only talk about love and all that stuff on his channel – it’s basically always a surprise when he uploads a new video. He talks about so many random things you don’t really think of in such an entertaining way! Check out one of his most popular videos called Aisan Food:

#3 EroldStory

This guy is just hilarious. His video topics are somewhat similar to Domics’ videos, so if you can’t get enough of extremely hilarious storytime videos, you just have to check out EroldStory! He actually only started his YouTube journey one and a half years ago, but has already gained almost a million subscribers and that’s mainly because of his funny way of telling his stories. There’s just something about his character that makes his videos in combination with his amazing art style so incredibly funny! And if you don’t believe me (for whatever reason – I mean, I’m the most believable person you’ll ever meet! lol) you can watch my favorite video of his, My College Crush:

#4 Shgurr

This girl has an awesome art style – I really love the way she designed her own character! She’s originally known for her Five Nights At Freddy’s characters and has been around for quite a few years, but deleted her YouTube videos up until March 2017. Since then she has uploaded a couple of collabs with other YouTube animators (JaidenAnimation being one of them), some storytimes and a few other random short clips. And, fun fact: Shgurr stands for her full name Shannon Gurr – I thought I’d just throw that in there! Anyway, you definitely have to check out her Top 5 Worst Dates video, which I’ll still rewatch a bunch of times and can’t get enough of it!

#5 TonyvToons

This guy is only 18 years old but has such an amazing talent when it comes to drawing and animation! He started with YouTube a while ago, in 2008, but has started over with his current channel TonyvToons, that has gained popularity through the animations he created for PewDiePie and GameGrumps – and now he has almost 700.000 subscribers on his channel, moving closer towards the one million with every day. Check out his featured video “Dreams With Secret Meanings.”:

#6 Daidus

Daidus’ videos only go back a year on his channel, so he might not have been around as long as all the other animators on this list. But even with him being relatively new and not uploading videos regularly (about once a month), he still managed to gain stunning 500.000 fans on his YouTube channel. His last 3 videos, which were storytime animations, gained the most popularity, with “My Super Hot English Teacher” having the most views of all – check it out:

#7 itsAlexClark

Alex Clark is a comedian that has collaborated with many YouTubers before, including Swoozie, iJustine and Brizzy Voices – but he’s probably best known for his amazing animations that has helped him gain over 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His art style is somewhat similar to Tony’s and most of the time his animations are storytimes, but there are also some videos of his that are quite random, like his video “Butts on a Stick“. But his current most popular video on the channel is “My Hot Babysitter Got Me In Trouble”, which is absolutely hilarious:

#8 TimTom

I just want to quickly mention how much I love his channel name, because it’s a short version for his full name Timothy Thomas – I just really like it for some reason lol. Anyway, Timothy is a 23-year old dude who just started with YouTube about a year ago, in August 2016. And even though it hasn’t been very long, he already has 700.000 subscribers on his channel, with my absolute favorite video of his being “Making Monster Babies” featuring our #1 on this list, JaidenAnimations:

And those were our 8 YouTube animation channels we like best and want you to check out! And, of course, we know there are so many other channels out there – so, let us know which one your favorite animation channel is in the comments below! Or be sure to tweet us @Dohbii with the hashtag #Whatdoh!

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